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Texas Sweet Pickles: About the Merchant

1 Gallon Water
2 Cups Canning And Pickling Salt
4 tbsp.Powdered Alum
5 Pt. Vinegar
5 Pt. Sugar
2 Sticks Cinnamon
24 Whole Cloves
24 Whole Allspice

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Boil Water And Salt Together. Pour Boiling Hot Over Cleaned Cucumbers In Crock Bowl Or Jug. Let Stand 1 Week, Then Drain.

Again Make Alum Water, Pour Boiling Hot Over Cucumbers; Let Stand 24 Hours. Drain.

Again Make Alum Water; Split Each Pickle And Pour New Alum Water Over Them. Let Stand 24 Hours. Drain Alum Water Off.

Last, Boil Together Vinegar, Sugar, Cloves, Cinnamon, Allspice. Pour Over Pickles And Let Stand 24 Hours. Pour Off Spiced Vinegar; Reheat And Put On Pickles. Let Stand 24 Hours. Drain Off; Reheat And Put Pickles In Jars. Cover With Hot Syrup And Seal.


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