Grape Conserve Recipe: Submitted by: Elsie W. | Salt Lake City, Utah | Date Added: 2 Apr 2017 Ingredients:

4 pounds Concord grapes
1 pound seeded raisins
2 1/2 pounds sugar
1 pound chopped walnuts
4 oranges

Cooking Instructions:

Prepare oranges by peeling and removing all excess white fiber pith. Chop rinds of two oranges quite fine, set aside. Wash grapes. Separate the pulp and skins. Heat pulp and skins and run through a sieve to remove all seeds.

Add sugar, all of the orange pulp, juice and the two chopped rinds (saved from earlier) and the raisins. Cook slowly, test as you would jelly. The grapes do jell but it takes some patience and time.

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